Behringer EUROPORT EPA150 PA System

Behringer EUROPORT EPA150 PA System Review

The specification for the Behringer EUROPORT EPA150 Ultra-Compact 150-Watt 5-Channel Portable PA System is quite impressive considering it is seen as a low-end model by so many. This compact, 2x 75-Watt, 5-channel PA system has a stereo, 7-band graphic equaliser, multiple settings and a special “Planet Earth” power saving mode and also comes with a BEHRINGER XM1800S microphone, clip and cables.

Among the many promises in the product description are that it can offer “enormous power”, “precise frequency correction” and “incredible sonic performance”; all of this sounds rather appealing, perhaps suspiciously so, but have buyers actually reported that any of these claims are realised?

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Fender Passport 150 PRO Portable PA System

Fender Passport 150 PRO Portable PA System Review

Understandably, the main reason that consumers will turn towards the Fender Passport 150 PRO PA System is that it is a Fender product; however, there is enough in the specification and sales pitches to really convince performers that this is the best option around.

The system offers four channels, a range of specialised controls for tone and volume and a class D amp and is designed to minimise feedback and be easily transported. These features are apparently all part of an “ongoing evolution” that makes Passport systems the best around: do their users come to the same conclusion?

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Samson Expedition XP150 150-Watt Portable PA System

Samson Expedition XP150 Portable PA Review

The Samson Expedition XP150 150-Watt Portable PA System boasts dual 2-way speaker enclosures, 6-inch woofers and a Class D amplifier capable of 150 watts of stereo power in its specification; however, this is the sort of model where the fine technical details actually don’t matter as much because users are more focused on four other, more simplistic aspects.

This model claims to be able to suit a lot of different performers and scenarios, it has an small, interesting design that suggests portability, it has enough features to suggest a high-quality performance without being too complicated and it is a fair price. These are the perceived benefits that are attracting buyers but are they coming through when the Expedition XP150 is in use on stage?

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Samson Expedition XP308i Portable PA

Samson Expedition XP308i Portable PA Review

The Samson Expedition XP308i Portable PA has an impressive sounding specification including dual 2-way speakers, two 150W lightweight Class D amplifiers and 8” and is advertised as being compact and portable while also offering a great sound. According to Samson, this is the “ideal single system solution for a variety of live sound applications”.

This, combined with the range of features and numerous inputs, leads buyers to believe that everyone from acoustic performers, public speakers and full bands could use this with great success. This makes the XP308i sound like a truly versatile product but what is it really like?

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Bose L1 Compact Sound System

Bose L1 Compact Sound System Review

The Bose L1 Compact Portable Line Array System is an interesting concept for any performer working in small venues because it is advertised as a modern product that takes away the bulk of sound equipment and transforms a PA system into a compact, transportable product that still has the quality of sound expected from this brand.

This system includes an integrated bass speaker and amp and has four inputs and two outputs for increased versatility. This all sounds like a lot to ask of a tiny system like this so what do buyers actually think of it?

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Behringer Eurolive B215D PA System

Behringer Eurolive B215D PA System Review

A decent PA system is a must for DJs, musicians and party hosts looking to entertain their guests and the Behringer Eurolive B215D PA System has been designed to provide a high-quality sound in a low-cost product.

Included in the technical specification for this 550 watt device are the integrated sound processor, 15” long-excursion driver, 5_inch Woofer, 2-band EQ and 1.35-Inch Compression Driver. The chances are that unless you are experienced with speaker systems and technically minded, the majority of the specification will actually be little more than a meaningless series of words.

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Behringer EUROLIVE B205D Active 150-Watt PA/Monitor Speaker System

Behringer Eurolive B205D PA System Review

The Behringer Eurolive Eurolive B205D portable PA System has been used by many customers who found the device irreplaceable. Most people cannot believe that such a small unit can deliver such high quality sound. Individuals who do work presentations love the versatility of this machine. It works well with a wireless microphone as well as provide background music from an iPod or other musical devices.

Most people enjoy the lightweight design which increases ease of portability. Some users have noticed how well made and durable the speaker casings are, which will guard against damage. For people who are used to performing in front of a crowd, this unit also scores positive feedback. The speaker aspects work well to achieve loud sound in a small area and when used as a monitor, it gives little feedback from the microphone.

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ION Block Rocker PA for iPod

ION Block Rocker Review

ION Block Rocker Battery Powered PA System for iPod is the perfect accompaniment to travelling musicians and event coordinators, and just about anybody who plans on having a gathering soon. It’s perfect for any get-together, from parties to music sessions to family picnics. 

The ION Block Rocker is a portable, rechargeable speaker system that’s built for interfacing with your IPod, so you can just bring all your tunes with you wherever you go.

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Fender Passport 500 Pro Portable PA System

Fender Passport 500 Pro Portable PA System Review

Fender Passport 500 Pro delivers 500 Watts of Class D power and sound of major proportions. A portable PA system, the Fender 500 has new and improved features and functionality to meet a variety of applications. The PA sound system has an extra port to provide CD quality recording, maximizing its functionality. The Fender Passport sound system boasts a more compact design and the only thing light about it is its weight, making it very portable.

The improved clarity is courtesy of a redesigned speaker with a ten inch woofer. This Fender Passport portable PA system is unique in design with built in stand adapters in each cabinet, a storage compartment for a microphone and cables and a docking connector for a wireless receiver.

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Roland CM-30 Cube Monitor PA System

Roland CM-30 Cube Monitor PA System Review

Portable PA System Reviews – The Roland CM-30 Cube Monitor is a high quality portable PA system featuring a two-way, 6.5 inch coaxial speaker. The Roland CM-30 can be used for live onstage monitoring as well as a public address or sound system.

With a built in handle and rugged construction, the Roland Cube can be moved and stored easily. This portable sound system also boasts a protective grill cover and corner protectors. With three input channels and two additional Aux inputs, the PA system is a versatile mighty mite in the sound world.

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